Here we go..

Quickie 3/7/2012

So, today I decided to blog my thoughts. Though now it seems that I may have to censor myself, seeing that some people may not approve of the content I may post in future blogs or vlogs. But hey, who are they to judge my character by what I do and say. I am just one person with the same deranged thoughts as say you, your neighbor, hell even your mother and father. I’d prefer to shy away from the labels and just call it what it is. A bored/awkward man, living his days reading and talking about nonsense.  So if your into such nonsense, you should pull up a chair and enjoy yourself. I understand my grammar may not always be up to par. But reading and writing will slowly alter the way my mind perceives the standards of “the correct way of writing”. I hope you enjoy my page. Have a great day!


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